The A+ Health Duke Child Study is led by Drs. Scott Kollins and Geraldine Dawson through the Duke University Medical Center in partnership with the Duke Children’s Primary Care under the leadership of Dr. Eliana Perrin. Dr. Naomi Davis serves as the lead of the Assessment and Recruitment Center where children can be seen for additional screening and assessment services if needed. Dr. Kenneth Dodge serves as the lead of the Dissemination and Outreach Core through the Center for Child and Family Policy.



Dr. Scott Kollins

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Geraldine Dawson

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Eliana Perrin

Chef Division of Primary Care

Dr. Kenneth Dodge

Center for Child and Family Policy

Dissemination and Outreach Core Lead

Dr. Naomi Davis

A+ Assessment Lead

Emily Henderson

Clinical Research Coordinator

Thomas Decker

Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Miranda Foster

Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Shelby Johnson

Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Alexandra Valladares

Senior Clinical Research Specialist