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To our amazing A+ Parents,

Thank you for continuing to participate in our study! Due to the current climate, the A+ Health study team will not be conducting any study activities during your well-child appointments at this time. However, we are hoping that this regular newsletter can be our way to keep in contact and show you that we are still enthusiastic about your participation in the study even in our physical absence. What you contribute to this project will help generations of children to come. If you have more surveys to complete, you will receive a link by email to complete at your convenience.

We are also sharing some knowledge so you and your children can have the best early years together. Check out this page for info on child development, crafts, and games to keep your little one entertained and learning from your own home.

Congratulations to our 15 raffle winners this quarter!

Want to participate in our study and have a chance to win a raffle prize? Fill out our interest form to see if your family is eligible!

Activities, Articles and More from our Study Team…

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