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The A+ Health Study has partnered with the Duke Children’s Primary Care Clinics for this study. Families visiting their Duke pediatrician for a well check visit will be invited to participate in the child health study. Those interested and eligible to participate will be asked to sign a consent form electronically and parents will be provided with online (or paper-and-pencil) questionnaires to complete during two well check visits at their Duke Children’s Primary Care Clinic. During the child’s 18 month well check the parents will be provided a questionnaire about their child’s medical and family history as well as a checklist about their child’s sleep, mood and behavior. Additionally, the parents and child will play some games and view a set of short videos on a mobile device, and the camera on the device will record the child’s facial expressions and responses to the videos.

Parents will be asked to complete some additional questionnaires at their child’s 3 year (or 36 month) well visit. Parents interested in providing additional information for the study have the option to complete a maternal health questionnaire. Participating families will also have the opportunity to become involved with other research projects if they are interested. Participation is completely voluntary and does not affect the parents or child’s clinical care. 

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